Snow Buddies

Published: 17th September 2009
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This article is pertaining to Snow Buddies figurines. Snow Buddies are figurines made to look like cheerful little snowmen and or a unique view of the animal they are portraying. These figurines are made of a resin material. They have hundreds of different figures in which each one is creating a different scene, or if giving as a gift, to send a message to someone special. Snow Buddies are a collectible figurine, designed by Kristen Davis, and marketed by The Encore Group. Many members of my family collect these also, and they are truly a conversation starter! They are adorable figures that you can not help but smile when you look at them. They have all different types of expressions on their faces that just warms my heart! They come either as a single figure, a figurine with multiple figures on one setting or a group setting in which there are more than one piece in the setting. On of my favorites is the Snow Buddies Nativity Scene, and in this collection, there are even animals instead of the Snow Buddies. Snow Buddies can be left out year round, not just during the holidays, unless of course you have a holiday one or scene in which I guess that would be up to the collector then. I know many people that leave all of their Snow Buddies out year round regardless, just because they are so cute. Giving Snow Buddies as a gift is a great way to show someone special how much they mean to you. I enjoy giving them as gifts as much as I enjoy giving them as gifts! There are almost endless possibilities of messages to send from simply "I'm thinking of you!" to "I Love You!", to wishing someone "Happy Birthday!", or "Happy Holidays!" There are figurines for different family members, such as Mother, Father, Grandma, and Grandpa just to name a few. There are also figurines for different professions such as fireman, policeman and nurses. There are also Snow Buddies for a lot of different special occasions in life. All Snow Buddies collectible figurines are fairly inexpensive, depending on the size of the figure and the collection size. These figures are collected worldwide by people from all different walks of life. The collectors share a special bond with these figures as only collectors can. They are sold in card stores, specialty stores, hospital gift shops and online in numerous locations, such as the Snow Buddies website, auction sites, and online outlet stores.

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